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Breathable, slip-resistant and comfortable shoes

Alma Classic is one of the most outstying unisex models of breathable, comfortable and slip-resistant shoes from Suecos. It is a very lightweight ergonomic shoe that is very suitable for work, as they bring a great feeling of relief to the feet and keep them dry. 

The breathable, ultralight and ergonomic Alma Classic shoes are one of Suecos' most versatile models. This model stands out for offering great breathability to the feet, for its wide heel that provides more stability than usual and for its quick drying. These breathable shoes have laces for fastening, a removable EVA insole and a non-slip sole, making them ideal as work footwear and, in particular, as nursing and hospitality shoes. It should be noted that they are recyclable and available in a wide range of colors. That said, Alma Classic breathable shoes are a great choice for our day to day or for our working days, especially in the health and hostelry industries.  


Technical Specifications

  • Outer fabric made of breathable mesh, which molds to the foot and keeps it dry
  • Inner lining CoolTech™, a soft technical fabric that favors the rapid elimination of moisture
  • Removable insole
  • Air System Honeycomb™, which allows the foot to be ventilated with each step
  • Antibacterial X-Cell sole made of latex-free EVA and non-slip NBR, free of toxic substances
  • SRC anti-slip sole, according to EN ISO 20347
  • ole that cushions each step, provides a feeling of relief in the feet, knees and back
  • Pronation: Neutral footing
  • Heel type: neutral (3 cm)
  • Wide heel for stability Comfortable and fresh footing
  • Energy absorption in the heel
  • Resistance to liquids: repels liquids


We recommend to hand wash with soap y water, If the use of washing machine is needed, use a short program with cold water (max. 30º), Do not spin dry. To dry, do not use dryer or expose to a heat source. To maintain the performance of the non-slip sole, clean it daily with soap and water. Regularly check the thickness and relief of the sole. 


Farge Pink
Størrelse 42